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About Real Estate Lawyer Group in Ottawa

Present in Ottawa Real Estate Lawyer Group are exceptionally accessible and courteous lawyers. We will make you as comfortable as possible, so as to enhance absolute open-mindedness.

Just because it is the best, does not mean it has to be costly. We give commendable legal advice at affordable rates. We render services away from the downtown areas, if you seek someone in a three piece suit, stop by downtown and if you want someone who will hear you out, and give efficient and practical legal responses, you better come see Ricky.

It is very important you keep in mind that, it is for your best interest if you settle for an expert lawyer in the real estate field. The unique real estate professional Ricky, understands and takes cognizance of all the current practices and rules, regarding such items as community fee charges, home inspections, property tax adjustment, real property report and neighboring encroachment, special assessment and condominium fees.

Do not choose a lawyer who would not meet the needs for which he/she was chosen. Ensure the lawyer would be able to provide help and efficient advice also in areas like, incapacity and death, litigation, divorce and separation and effects of personal injury.